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Defibrillation training for a group or workplace - How to use an AED

This course will ensure you and your staff have the confidence to use defibrillators to save lives. Modern AED’s are easy to use, instructing you every step of the way. Check out our on-site training – contact us here.

Specific Topics include...

  • Signs and symptoms of a heart attack
  • Learn to use a defibrillator and learn why they're important
  • Use of an AED as part of the CPR process
  • Hands-on CPR with a qualified instructor
  • Barriers & Safety

Bookings and Pricing

This 1.5 hour informative session can be held at your workplace or another site. 

$200 plus GST ($230) for up to 15 people. 

For scheduling and booking information about all MediTrain courses, please contact us.