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iPAD SP1 AED with 5 Year Battery

$2,300.00 $2,645.00 incl. GST

This model has a few unique features:

Ambient noise detection. In a noisy environment, the volume will automatically increase so voice guidance will always be heard above high levels of background noise.

Adult/ Child Quick switch. Includes a built-in switch to select either adult or Child mode.
The same set of electrode pads can be used for both adults and children. No additional pads required, saving precious time and expense.

CPR Detection & Metronome, ensures CPR is being performed, giving an audible guidance to keep chest compression's going at the correct rate.

Clear User friendly voice Guidanceat every step with clear illuminated illustrations, calm voice prompts & large responsive buttons.
Pre-Connected "SMART" Adult/ Child Electrode pads. Pad indicator displays & illustrates pad life remaining, with verbal instructions to “replace pads” or to “connect pads”.

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 5 year battery life on standby
  • 2 1/2 year pad life
  • IP55 Water/ Dust intrusion rating
  • Drop tested to 1.2m
  • 2.4kg

Battery capacity - 200 shocks or 8 hours continuous operation

Biphasic wave form

Charging time, less than 10 seconds


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