We are thrilled to unveil our latest range of Mindray Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). This new product line represents a significant advancement in technology, making lifesaving tools more accessible and user-friendly.

Why Choose This AED?

Correctly using an AED in emergencies is crucial, yet it can be quite daunting for untrained individuals. Fortunately, each AED comes equipped with audio prompts. The Mindray range goes a step further, providing clear visual instructions and feedback to correct errors in real-time, such as improperly applied pads, with prompts to adjust placement firmly.

A standout feature of the Beneheart2 model is its ability to switch between paediatric and adult modes using the same pads, a simple switch adjusts the energy output to ensure safety across all ages. Additionally, the option for multiple language settings enhances its user-friendliness, catering to communities that prefer instructions in languages other than English.

Unique Features:

  • Battery Indicator Light: This innovation is simple yet crucial. The indicator light flashes green when fully charged and turns red to signal a low battery, ensuring the AED is always ready for action.
  • Visible Expiry Date: Prominently displayed on the front, this feature prevents the oversight of using an expired device.
  • FDA Approval: The FDA's endorsement, along with its adoption by two district health boards and hospitals across New Zealand, confirms its reliability and effectiveness.

Enhanced Usability:

  • Visual Instructions Screen: This screen provides visual guidance through the rescue process, making it incredibly user-friendly, particularly for those with limited AED training.
  • Language Options: Reflecting New Zealand's cultural diversity, the AED includes instructions in English and Māori, with additional languages available upon request.
  • Paediatric and Adult Compatibility: This model uniquely features a switch that safely adjusts the energy output for both paediatric and adult patients, using adult pads if necessary.

The Mindray AED range is set to transform first aid practices with its user-friendly design, language versatility, and adaptability for both children and adults. MediTrain is dedicated to offering products that not only adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety but also bring lifesaving technologies closer to everyone.

We invite you to explore these revolutionary AEDs and join us in enhancing emergency preparedness in our communities.

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